Alison Cornyn’s TED Talk

Click here to access the transcript and sources for “Rediscovering Wayward Girls”.
2017 began in an exciting way – our project director was selected for a TED Residency where she worked on Incorrigibles. Now after a wonderful stint working at TED being connected with new ideas, new media and great people, we are delighted to present Alison’s TED Talk.
What was it like working at TED? Here’s the description from fellow resident Wendy Bauer of Greenmap… Here’s a glimpse into the space. As a Resident, you were free to sit anywhere, go to any presentation, use the meeting rooms, go on ‘field trips’ etc. Our residency cohort of 23 people, plus the two wonderful organizers, had our own wing of the office, and as you can see from Steve Rosenbaum’s series of articles on Huffington Post, it was a lively group (I’m in the Day 72 post). Every day, there were notable guests, workshops and opportunities to expand your horizons, leading up to the moment when we delivered our talks, all in one evening – here is the TED Residents channel, where you can see them all (my cohort is Spring 2017)!All of this capped off with something that was apparent from Day 1 – being part of a now 85 member Residency that really never ends. I especially value these new friends, all of whom don’t hesitate to help one another move forward in this crazy world. If this sounds like something you want, there are two new groups a year, and this link will let you know when the next application is open.