Your Incorrigible Story

Were you ever deemed incorrigible? At Incorrigibles, we find great value in pulling apart and studying the terms that have been placed on supposedly “incorrigible,” “disobedient,” and “ungovernable” girls. We are inviting you – girls who have been involved in the criminal justice and social service systems – to submit creative pieces addressing the negative terms prescribed to you by people and institutions that think they know what’s “best.” We are creating a platform where you can tell the world who you are and not what you are. Please send us your project ideas, works in progress, and finished pieces. We are happy to give feedback, and you are more than welcome to send us multiple works!

Please base your work off of one or both of these prompts:

1. Are there words that have been used to describe you in the system to attempt to define you? (For example: incorrigible, delinquent, disobedient, rude, wild, disruptive, criminal, difficult, etc.) Do you agree with them, why or why not? If you don’t agree with them, what are some words that you use to define yourself? 

2. What does ‘incorrigible’ mean to you?
All forms of media are welcome: creative writing, a drawing, poem, audio recording, song, photograph, short blurb, etc. If you would like to submit something other than writing, just say that below and we will contact you on how to get your work to us! 
You can also mail your ideas/project to: 
The Incorrigibles Project
76 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217